Women in Business: Sigrun – “Be Inspired. Think Big. Take Action.”

I came across one of Sigrun’s Facebook ads awhile back, and became interested in her consistent and wide variety of webinar offerings for entrepreneurs all of stripes. I loved her website, her work, her ethic—”passion for profits”—and, most of all, her vibe.

I knew Sigrun Gudjonsdottir was an accomplished CEO and businesswoman, and now a successful consultant and coach who had only just begun to start and grow her business… (and who was generously sharing her progress and insights along the way).

Little did I know how much I would relate to Sigrun’s story when she revealed so much more about herself in her recent TEDxZurichWomen talk.

“Maybe you have also been inspired. Maybe you’ve also had a vision. But maybe you also couldn’t take the next step…”

Not only does Sigrun’s talk inspire all of us entrepreneurs and dreamers into action, it reminds us how powerful it is to share your story in your business:  whether in a public talk, on your website, in articles and blog posts you write, in advertisements, and more—as Sigrun so passionately reminds us here.

Be inspired. Think big. Take action. …And share your story.


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