Another Facebook News Feed Change: What’s a business to do?

Whether it’s adjusting to the latest Google Panda or Penguin update, or struggling to be seen in Facebook’s News Feed due to yet another algorithm change or control adjustment, it often seems like online marketing is a constant game of playing catch up, only to find that the goal post has been moved yet again. It can frustrating for businesses and marketers to say the least… (I can certainly think of a few other “f” words to describe this headache.) 🙂

f-word-Facebook_LettersEmpireBut that’s the beauty of having a marketing strategy that doesn’t rely solely on another, popular “f” word:  fads. This isn’t to say Facebook is just a fad. For small businesses, it’s an incredibly powerful and cost-effective way to market online. But it isn’t the only way, and as it’s been said time and again—you shouldn’t build your business or your marketing on rented land alone.

You need to have a cohesive marketing strategy and presence online that relies on the best mix of avenues to bring in business. And it’s not just Facebook.

Still, when these changes happen in a platform or channel you’re marketing in, like Facebook, you need to know what’s happening fast and adapt. So, here’s the rundown of the latest change…

Facebook gave users a new preference option with what they’re viewing in the News Feed to make it easier for them to follow or unfollow friends and pages. They can also choose which to see first, and discover other pages they might be interested in following based on their likes already.

Before you run out and consider an ill-advised “See First Campaign” that will end up making your business look overly desperate (and frankly, a little spammy), you need to re-evaluate your Facebook plan and bring it all back to what matters and truly gets readers and fans to want to see your stuff… that age-old offering:  value. If you’re not already, you need to start providing content of value to your Facebook audience. Things they want to see. Information that will help them, inspire them, things they will want to share and evangelize for you.

A few tips on how to do this:

  • Delve into your Facebook page’s insights (analytics) and see what resonates with your audience in terms of reach, clicks, likes, and other engagement metrics.
  • Use a mix of media and styles in your posts:  videos, photos, text-only posts, long-form, short-form, you get the idea.
  • Don’t just talk about yourself! Share other people’s posts, articles you find, quotes or videos that will inspire and engage your audience. Give your fans shout-outs and kudos, too!
  • Be timely and topical. Don’t be overly political if that’s not in your brand/business agenda, but do talk about current, seasonal, and newsworthy events.
  • Be personal. Show the human side of your business. Share photos, tell your story. Fans and customers want to see that you’re human, too, and connect with that… not just another faceless company.

In short, Facebook fans engaging with content they love and want to see is a good thing, and it can be good for your business, too.

By focusing on providing value “in the feed,” and by incorporating a solid combination of content marketing strategies and paid advertising in Facebook, your business can truly rise above the fray and overcome the latest FB update.

Need help with your Facebook strategy?  Learn more and reach out.


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