Quick Bytes – Get the Right Content Marketing Mix: Earned, Paid, and Owned Media

There’s been a bit of talk lately in articles and podcasts about the difference between earned, paid, and owned media. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • earned media = articles and blog posts written about you, your company, or product; reviews; social “word-of-mouth”
  • paid media = search and display ads, paid social ads, native advertising
  • owned media = your blog, website, social media channels/communities, presentations, webinars, email list


Each media type is important for driving traffic to your blog or website and leading to some kind of outcome:  subscribing, buying, signing up for a free webinar, etc. But not all earned, paid, and owned media mixes are created equally for each type of business and for each type of marketing goal.

You need to really assess what you’re trying to achieve, what resources (time, money, talent, etc.) you have to get things done—blogging and content marketing takes time, people!—and you need to set up your marketing functions so that you can test, measure, and do it all again.

Here’s a great case study from Content Marketing Institute on how Relevance attracted over 50,000 subscribers in just half a year using a mix of media strategies.

And if you want to understand more about the difference between earned, paid, and owned media, Pam Moore at Marketing Nutz gives an excellent overview in her podcast below:


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