Quote of the Day: A Bestselling Book Agent Reflects on Career, Craft, and Longevity

The_ThinkerAs we age and grow and mature in our work and careers, we certainly gain many lessons and hard-won experiences that seem only to be earned through dedication, patience, and time.

It’s an important thing to remember in the arc of our work lives, the need to be dedicated for the long haul to our career and our craft. Loving what you do, and being fulfilled by it, is surely a mainstay of longevity. And while this commitment is not always easy, it certainly is worthwhile.

Jenny Bent, Founder of the Bent Agency, states this sentiment well in a recent blog post. Bent’s career spans 22 years, and her agency has represented more than 30 bestsellers in their fives years since launching. Still, as Bent reflects, a long and successful career doesn’t necessarily turn into a cakewalk.

And that’s OK.

No, it doesn’t really get ‘easier.’ It doesn’t get easier to write a book and it doesn’t necessarily get easier to publish a book… But what I did hear from my writers was that the process of being a writer had enriched their lives in such a way that it was still worth it, no matter how hard it was (which is also exactly how I feel about being an agent).

Here’s to your long career, readers, and to doing what’s worth it.

Photo by innoxiuss (Thinking at Hell’s gate) [CC via Wikimedia Commons]



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