Take a Drink from the Fountain of Inspiration.

Fill the well.

The Enthusiatic Observer

Quench your creative thirst.

An excerpt from a recent LifeHack article about developing your creative projects:

“Look for something new to inspire you.

“Look for the things you haven’t done yet. Whenever you get inspired to do something, do it. Like a bucket list. You may need to take a trip to Europe. Maybe you need to watch all of Fellini’s films. Or go to Yellowstone National Park. Some people attend TED talks, or listen to books on tape. It’s good and well for it to be something familiar, but it has to be something fresh. You’ve got to find something new to inspire you.

“Go to concerts, the museum, and visit local places you have never been to. I always find something new in these spaces, and I have to go home and write about the experience afterward. This is the feeling you are looking for: as though the…

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