Got charisma? How to stand out in your next job interview.

What can Jennifer Lawrence teach you about absolutely crushing your job interview?

A helluva lot. I mean, just look at her.

“Jennifer Lawrence embodies this highly charismatic quality in her public presence. Watch any interview, and you can see how she intrepidly responds with humor and authenticity. J. Law doesn’t worry about how people will react to what she says, confidently expressing her unique style and presence.” –LifeHack

Besides being a hilarious bombshell, Jennifer Lawrence always seems to be completely and utterly herself. Confident, but not cocky. Engaged. Endearing. And it never matters what event she’s attending, who’s there, what she’s wearing, etc. “#NoFilter” seems to be J. Law’s motto for life — and while you should maybe filter some things during your job interview (like demanding, “Where’s the pizza?!??”), you shouldn’t hold back your charm and personality.


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