Bill Moyers & Company on the State of U.S. Labor

Found two, insightful pieces today on American labor issues from Bill Moyers and Company.

“The Other NRA” tells of the fast food walk-outs happening this summer and into the fall as non-unionized American restaurant workers campaign for a fair, living wage and benefits to support themselves and their families.

“Most Americans are unaware that millions of people who work in the industry — especially the 2.5 million fast-food preparers and servers who earn an average of $8.74 an hour, according to federal labor statistics — are not just teens in their first job, but adults with families to support.

They may not know there’s a separate minimum wage for tipped workers, $2.13 an hour, that hasn’t changed in 22 years — although 32 states have raised it slightly. They may not realize that they, as the restaurant-going public, subsidize owners via cash tips, even as the NRA routinely tells legislators its industry cannot afford to pay better wages or basic benefits.”

And in the “The New Temp Economy” video report, we learn how in post-recession America, “low-wage, temporary work is becoming a new normal,” and thus U.S. workers are being bought on discount.



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