Just One More Word To Overcome

abuse addiction aggression alienation anger angst anxiety apathy arrogance belligerence bigotry bullying bureaucracy callousness castigation censorship censure corruption crime cruelty cynicism depression discrimination doubt drugs enemies  ennui entropy envy failure fakes fascism fear greed grief guile guilt hatred harassment heartbreak homophobia hopelessness hostility hurt ignorance ignominy ignobleness infringement intimidation  imperialism imperiousness injustice jealousy jerks jingoism judgement killing lawlessness lament loneliness malice malevolence mercilessness  miscegenation misogyny molestation murder narrow-mindedness naysayers nihilism oppression pain pessimism poverty prejudice racism rage rancor rape rejection ruthlessness sadness savagery sexism sorrow spite stress stupidity stereotyping suppression terror thuggery torment tribulation unfairness vindictiveness violence war wickedness woe xenophobia zealotry


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