All the Pretty Horses: A Poetic Summary

All The Pretty Horses

All the Pretty Horses

Bajada, swale, mesa, arroyo…
Such linguistic physical geographic precision.

The “ribald satellite” rumbles the earth,
forging open the book—digs a tunnel
through time and space.

Forget your girl,
grab your pal,
and follow the path of a new-hewn Western.

Go South, go South,
Go further.

Fall in love with a raven-haired girl.
And horses, horses,
all the pretty horses…

Lie down, let the nesting cranes watch.

Be a man of your word and your honor.
Fight the cuchillero—mátalo
if you must.

Seek love once again.
Seek revenge.
Seek home.

Return to your country something

Where is your country now, boy?


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