Along Came a Spider

11.28.12 – Full Moon

Tonight, I saved a daddy longlegs spider in my tub. I watched it for awhile struggle ceaselessly to scale the slick tub walls, then change direction and try for the other side—and nearly falling down the drain! All I wanted was to take a bath. A young woman alone in her own apartment at the end of a busy work day, when a bath can feel both like a baptism and the annointing of a queen. The creature enamoured me in the way it moved, carefully, determined, steadily. I watched its legs perform each step one after another in a fluid mechanical motion, and felt my fingers start to slowly writhe and mimic the gentle movements of its steps. How could I kill such a thing trying so hard to be alive? How could I kill a thing so lovely?

Though I am not one to touch or want much to near a spider, I made myself stout—I would save this helpful house spider. I encouraged it, then, with a nudge upon my copy of Oedpius, the King, and transferred it safely to the bathroom floor. I finished preparing my bath while it rested there on the linoleum, then left to fetch a drink of water. When I returned, it was gone.

The spider as a totem can teach you how to be resourceful and clever about how you create your life around you. Many people fear spiders and kill any that impinge on their territory. However it is inadvisable to do so. There is an old saying that goes: If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.


I awoke from several dreams this morning, wrote them down in my journal, then got up and walked into the bathroom. I didn’t have my glasses on, but noticed a brownish spot on the curve of my bathroom ceiling. I knew almost immediately it was the spider. I went to my vanity and proceeded to put my contacts in; right, then left… I waited until both were in, then turned to look. And there she was resting comfortably in the lower curve of the ceiling. My admiration for her returned. How she withstood the fright of being stuck in the bathtub, riding on a foreign object–a book–to the floor, then smartly hiding away again to plan her next move. How in the night, she slowly, carefully made her way to higher and safer ground in this now familiar room. Finding a comfortable nook there where she could pause and perhaps feed. I felt happy to be a part of her survival, and thought to ask her to bring me good luck. It was almost as if she asked me to…

Many folk tales around the world portray the spider as lucky and a money-spinner, and in nearly all cultures spiders as a symbol are thought to represent a cunning female. Female spiders are usually much larger than the male and many of them eat the male after mating. It is not surprising that spiders are associated with the darker side of the Goddess, and are thought to be creative, wise and knowledgeable.


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