loose thoughts, etc. 2012

Live the way I want to live, here & now.

She does not know the fruit of the season.

The sun will make me bleed
I will bleed on the sun.
-Noah, age 2.5

Deep recession cream.

The impression of a lake.

A family at sunset
Turned in prayer toward Mecca.

Cannibal heart
Go try on his skin.


A Hospital looks like a hotel
To someone raised on soap operas
And TV dinners.
Bless my soul I’m tired of sin.
Grandma send me numbers
For the big win.

The earth was playful with me tonight.
An aurora borealis sunset, diaphanous streaks of pink ether.

Sapphire bowl Bay Area

Tobacco ghost

Apologetic hair

Seaweed hair

The world is open to those who love.


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