Rough draft of a poem in progress…

We moved Melissa to Seattle, or Mom, did
And a year later after moving back for her second year of college
She wanted to leave,
So Mom moved her back.

We moved Melissa back in to the house, then to Los Angeles
To Westwood, then to another apartment in Culver City
The year later.
When she finished college, with a degree and no money,
We moved her back home again.

When she found her first post-college job,
We moved her into a studio apartment downtown.

A year later, when she tired of hometown life
And wanted to move to the “big city” to the north,
We moved her then, too,
Up a three story walk up to the top floor.

When Melissa couldn’t sleep in her new city apartment
Nine months later,
We moved her back home.

Awhile later she quit her job in the city,
Took the train across the country,
Traveled some more seeing old friends in Seattle,
Los Angeles, and finally,
Staying with us through that summer til she found a job

And we moved her again downtown.

She liked it there, but had trouble with her landlord,
And her roommate wanted to move somewhere else, too,
So, as the arms that are always there,
We moved her again.

She’s back in our ZIP code now,
Comes to see us more.

We hope she may stay awhile,
But we never know.


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