November Dream

I was going through my journal and rediscovered a dream I had from last November. Of particular note is the strange creature that appeared in my dream. The texture of the experience felt a little like a Matthew Barney film. Feel free to share a dream here, if you like:

Last night I had several striking dreams. The one I most remember I was in this mall or hospital type building, cavernous, with a basement with a door which led out to the sea.

I went through the door onto the busy seashore wearing a deep purple skirt, long with tiered ruffles. Soon, I saw a strange animal on the beach. It was half sheep half boar or half sheep half cow. It was longer than your average sheep and had a longer face. It came near me and I wasn’t so frightened until it started eating the hem of my skirt. It wouldn’t let go. I brought the thing inside. I wanted to help it. I knew it wasn’t acting the way it was supposed to act. What had someone done to it?

My aunt Jill, a nurse, confirmed it was a half-breed, but she knew not what. She gave it some kind of tranquilizer, and said this would do the trick. But for what cure I don’t know. We just brought it back together, down into the basement, through the sea door, left in on the beach for the creature to wake.

Matthew Barney "Cremaster"

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