Oases of Power and Wonder

I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada. My family and I are staying at a house that’s on the edge. We’re in this development that’s outside the main strip area… like on the edge of the desert. Around us in the far off distance are buttes and black jutting mountains. The sky looks different here, the clouds shaped by the mountains, flat-bottomed with spiked tops toward the sky.

Nothing feels close. It’s the kind of place where you can get a real good look at things.

I’m on a walk in the neighborhood that isn’t much of one. Empty lots alternate among ranch houses that are little oases of power. Oases of money, electricity, and especially, water. Off in the distance is a lone house, looks like a farm house out here in the desert. Makes me think I could live in a place like that for awhile.

But it’s an eerie desolation in the desert. Out here you hope for signs of life. You imagine a dog up ahead in the dirt path. Inquisitive horses observe you. They nod to you. They come.


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