Mastering Your Personal Finances When Facing Stress and Life Changes

Money and stress so often go hand in hand. But they don’t have to. Here are five ways to relieve stress when it comes to finances, one of my latest articles for Payoff Lift.

Life changes such as a unemployment and even the oncoming of an expensive wedding season can also bring on stress and anxiety due to these shifts in our financial lives. Check out two more of my articles for tips on managing your personal finances, and sanity, during these changes:


First Article for PayOff: How to Cancel a Credit Card Without Ruining Your Credit Score

Do you want to cancel a credit card to curb your over-spending habit?

Are you trying to raise your credit score and think cancelling a credit card will help?

Do you want to avoid high interest payments on a certain credit card or on several cards you own?

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Photo by Lotus Head (Creative Commons)

Photo by Lotus Head (Creative Commons)